You can depend on Pixel Source to be your Product Packaging Designer.


The initial meeting is to discuss the product Packaging Design goals, budgets and time frames.


We work on Packaging Design concepts for the client to review. The client chooses a concept layout.


We work on the actual Packaging Design and consult with the client throughout the production process.


Once the final revisions have been made and the Packaging Design has been approved we'll work with the printing company.

Packaging Designer Packaging Designer Packaging Designer Packaging Designer

CONSULTATION: We get familiarized with your products and learn what the project tasks are. We outline the technical aspects, marketing and business considerations, project goals, production time frames and project budgets. We then send the client a Product Packaging Design Proposal for them to review. Once the client approves the Proposal, we begin work with our clients to come up with an new amazing Packaging Design that works!

CONCEPTS: This is the process of determining what the Packaging Design brand style and direction will be. We want to know what your vision is for the new product. Prototyping will involve gathering content, brainstorming ideas and developing Packaging Design concepts that work. We'll design layouts and discuss the Packaging Design elements.

PRODUCTION: Here we begin the design production process based the Packaging Design concept that the client has chosen. We work with our advanced design software and begin to render the clients Packaging Design. We also create the Packaging Design Dieline measurements and create Mockups for the client to review.

FINALIZATION: Once the client has approved the final Packaging Design and is satisfied with the Mockups displayed, we are ready to work with the printing company to get the design printed on the products. We pay attention to every single detail to make sure the process from design to printing goes smoothly without any errors. At this point, the client is now officially ready to launch their new amazing product!

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